Sunday, July 5, 2009

FIA closing their Melbourne office

Pro Bono ran an article talking about how the Fundraising Institute of Australia are closing their Melbourne office. It's a shame to see FIA closing their Melbourne office. What concerned me about this article was the following statement: "the absorption of member services roles into existing roles within the events, professional standards and administration areas of the organisation" If membership is a key income area it needs focus. If someone's primary role is running events, processing or administering standards those roles will always get priority - particularly over member sales. Who wants to risk rejection when you can be busy doing something you are comfortable doing.


  1. Shame ProBono did not get the full story, the roles have not been diminished in any way. There are now staff within the Sydney office who have full time responsibility for member services - as correctly stated member service does require a high focus.... assistance from within the Events and other areas of the business will also provide more robust services to members in the long run.

  2. Hi Chris, Thanks for giving us the low down. It's good to know they got it wrong and that FIA are still giving membership the focus it needs.


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