Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Awards dispute

Recently a new awards program was launched for the meetings and events sector within Australia. In response to this the existing associations representing the sector (Meetings and Events Australia and the International Special Events Society) issued a joint communiqué denouncing the newcomer. Read the full article here. This is a very interesting turn of events. How do you think this reflects on each person involved?

A fantastic example of members promoting membership to non-members

There is nothing more powerful than a personal referral for membership. One of the difficulties is leveraging this into a larger scale. So I was really pleased to find this example of a member writing a personal article in support of membership of their association. Read the article here.

Studies Show Low Twitter Use Despite High Membership

In typical member based organisations the more engaged and active your membership is, the more likely they are to renew. Is this a sign that Twitter is in decline when we see such a significant amount of inactivity within their membership base? Read Studies Show Low Twitter Use Despite High Membership.

An interesting way to overcome the recession blues

A YMCA has come up with an interesting way to maintain relationships with those members (and prospective members) who have lost their jobs. They are offering free membership to laid off workers for up to 6 months. Read the article here.

You don't get the member if you don't ask the question

Membership comes in various shapes and sizes - associations, sporting clubs, gyms, etc - but the basic principle of selling a membership seem to be the same the world over ... if you want the member ... ask the queston! Here is an article that appeared in Fit Commerce on just that topic: You Sell a Health Club Membership…When You Ask.