Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Behind the Scenes at SMS

Julian is an incurable romantic and he recently brought me home a surprise ... an adorable moodle (maltese X miniture poodle) puppy who was born on our wedding day.

This was particularly suprising to me as I was 5 and a 1/2 months pregnant at the time. It was also a shock as, due to my tendency to adopt strays, we already had 3 dogs in the house and I was on a promise not to rescue any more until at least one had moved to the big kennel in the sky.

So when he said he was bringing home a lovely surprise I was expecting a good Thai takeaway and a back massage. Or at least a pizza and a Macgyver DVD. Perhaps that explains Julian's own suprise when he got home and I called out "Bring it up, the table is set and I'm starving!"

Julian named the puppy "Awesome" for the sole reason that he is an awesome little guy. Despite my initial misgivings at the name I have to admit that he is pretty awesome and has quickly become a much loved member of our family. He's a bright little guy. About 5 seconds after he discovered liver treats he was the easiest dog in the world to train. I particularly appreciated how quickly he took to toilet training. My next training priority is getting him to step over it afterwards.

In the office Awesome snoozes the days away on the bottom shelf of the bookcase storing his energy for a good play in the evenings. What an awesome life!

Lunch with Matt Moran @ Aria Restaurant Brisbane

Our Lunch with Matt Moran at Aria Restaurant Brisbane booked out in just 3 days with 40 executives from associations, charities, foundations and other nonprofits from around Brisbane attending. Congratulations to Rori from Queensland Alliance and Penny from AFL Queensland who each won a signed limited edition of Matt's latest cookbook. With the phenomenal success of this event we will be running similar events in Brisbane and other locations again in the near future. Stay tuned!