Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2010 Events Calendar Launched

2010 Events Calendar launched! - Register 3 delegates for the price of 2 anytime up to January 22, 2010. 2010 presents a unique opportunity for your organisation to leverage the improving economy and ensure that this is your most successful year ever. Our workshops have been designed to provide you with practical tools that can be immediately implemented into your organisation - delivered by informative, entertaining and high quality presenters. Our 2010 lineup includes: * Creating Profitable Boards * Direct Marketing Fundamentals * Membership Fundamentals * Meet The Sponsors * Integrated Direct Marketing * Risky Business - Risk Management for NFPs * Creating Active Online Communities * Membership Materials Workshops * Sponsorship Fundamentals * 100 Great Member Recruitment & Retention Ideas * Sponsorship Masterclass*

New SMS Branding

Over the past couple of years we've found that the scope of our work has expanded beyond our name. So we've shortened our name to SMS and tweaked our logo and colours. Speaking of which, when talking to Belinda it's "pink" ... but if you are talking to Julian it's "ruby red".

Social Media - Time To Start

New article just loaded onto our website ... Social media seems to be the "hot topic" these days. With curiosity peaking in almost every organisation we speak to, we find ourselves being asking for either evidence of its purpose or advice on where it could impact the organization. Some commentators seem passionate, others submitting themselves to the inevitable and getting on with the job of exploiting it. Most of the criticism of social media comes from the armchair observers, because to understand it fully you simply must get involved. But what does it really mean to the NFP sector? Where should we go for practical examples of its use? Is it safe to be an early adopter and / or should we wait and see if it loses momentum?... read more.