Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why your sponsorships aren't selling

Sponsorship is hot right now - for those who are providing real value to their sponsors. If your sponsorships aren't selling following could be some of the reasons why:
  • The Economic Downturn - Sponsors are still out there. But the economic climate means they are looking at proposals carefully to judge the return they are getting. Are you delivering a real return back to your sponsors?
  • Wrong focus - Your proposals should NOT be about what the sponsorship income will help your organisation achieve. They should be about how sponsoring your organisation will help the sponsor achieve their objectives. Trying to guilt the sponsor into partnering with your organisation will only offend.
  • All those other organisations competing for the same sponsorship dollar - There are a lot of organisations out there competing for sponsorship income. Competition is part of this industry. Get to work on ensuring that you deliver better value than the rest.
  • Too much time in the office - Building relationships is an integral part of generating sponsorship. If you aren't out there networking and engaging with your existing and prospective sponsors then you are creating opportunites for your competitors to get the edge. Get out there!
Feel free to add any other reasons in the comments below.

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