Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to acquire multiple high-value, long-term sponsors

Sending out mass emails for sponsors doesn't work. If you are serious about gaining and retaining long-term, high-value sponsors you can do so far more easily and cheaply through following this simple proven process:
  1. Identify which industries you wish to seek sponsors - think about the people who would like to contact your members. Be creative.
  2. Select the top three organisations in those industries you would like to partner with.
  3. Identify who you need to talk to inside each of those organisations.
  4. Identify the outcomes each organisation would be looking to achieve from partnering with your organisation (annual reports are great for this!).
  5. Call the contact within each organisation and say "We've identified you as a key player in our industry. Our newly developed products have been designed to make you more successful. If we send a proposal through will you take the time to read it?" Generally about 80% of people will agree to read the proposal. Remember you aren't selling sponsorship on the phone (you wouldn't buy a new car on the phone). The purpose of this process is to get the meeting.
  6. Produce a high quality proposal tailored specifically to their needs which demonstrates how you can help them achieve their outcomes. Send it through within three days of them agreeing to recieve the proposal.
  7. Call them 7-10 days after sending in the proposal. Ask if they have any questions and if you can come in to discuss the proposal. If you get the meeting you know they are keen. It then comes down to negotiating the details.
We know this process works because we use it every day to generate sponsorship income for our clients in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. If you would like more information on how we can assist you please email me on julian@membershipsolutions.net.au or give me a call on +61 (0) 401 648 533.

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