Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nonprofits and Social Media - Seth Godin's Comments and the Huge Response that followed

Seth Godin (famous social marketing blogger) wrote a blog not so long ago called "The Problem with Non" (as in nonprofits). He talks about how ineffective nonprofits have been in using social media to achieve their objectives and how most nonprofits are afraid of change. On the Midstream Corrections blog you can read the original post as well as find links to the barrage of responses...

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  1. I think Seth needs to not be so judgmental and have a better understanding of the association marketplace. Associations typically don't have the horizontal markets (that provide the dollars) to support the initial financial investments necessary in technology, people and ... even more people and more technology to maintain a viable social media and e-marketing program. These are big costs and associations have to weigh whether or not the money for a conference or training program would be better spent on the launch and continued support of a social media program.

    So many associations are taking the 'wait and see' approach and letting corporations, who have the money and in many cases the market size, to be 'early adopters. "

    Here at MGI, we're lucky to have e-biz staff with corporate experience. We're taking those 'lessons learned' and effectively applying them for those associations with deeper pockets (and membership who also have deep pockets). But the costs are less than a comparable program for a corporation.

    With these successes, we're bringing the prices down even further.

    So, back off Seth. Association leadership have a responsibility to deliver a quality membership experience, and for the time being this may not include social media.


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