Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to Defraud A Nonprofit

We've been lucky enough to have Lisa Bundesen, an international speaker and expert on the topic of fraud in nonprofits, agree to run a couple of workshops for us in October. She's a very entertaining speaker with a raft of interesting stories to tell that really back up the amazing content.

Attending this session is really important as fraud can happen to any organisation. One of the stories Lisa told that really resonated with me is about an organisation who was defrauded by a staff member who held such a position of trust that she even picked up the children of the CEO from school .

Lisa has prepared a session that will ensure delegates walk away with a fraud control process that includes their Fraud Control Plan and Policy; Whistleblower Policy; Fraud Recovery Plan; an appropriate fraud reporting structure; and a Fraud Risk Assessment framework.

If you are interested in attending or would like more information you can click here to book online or click here to download a PDF Booking Form

She will also tell you why people commit fraud and provide tools to identify the major fraud risks areas for in your organisation. Armed with that knowledge, you can then put in place appropriate processes to curb the opportunities for fraud to occur in your the organisation - pick it up quickly if it does occur. After all, the longer fraud goes undetected, the greater the impact on the organisation.

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