Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tips to generate members from events

Members recruited from events are more likely to renew and more likely to be actively involved in your organisation. Non-members registering to attend your events represent a great opportunity to recruit. Following are a couple of simple, easy to implement ideas that should increase your conversion rate ….

Prior to the event
  • Have a significant price difference between members and non-members.
  • Include an additional section on the registration that enables non-members to join your organisation on the same form.
  • Market the event to those who have enquired about membership previously but not joined.
  • Market the event through your sponsors and suppliers. Find out if you can send out a registration form with their next mailout – or if they could send out an email or fax to their clients on your behalf.
  • All non-members registering for events should be given a courtesy phone call to ask if they would like to join to take advantage of the discount. If you are a little shy about calling you can start by letting them know that you’ve received the form and would just like to confirm their details.
At the event
  • At the event make sure that non-members are identified (such as by a spot on their badge). Ensure that all staff, board and volunteers are aware that these people are non-members who may need special attention.
  • Appoint several member volunteers whose specific job is to ensure that the non-members have a great time throughout the event.
  • Provide incentives to non-members to join at the event.
  • Provide a forum at the event, such as a membership information session, where non-members and members can attend to find out more about the benefits of their membership.
After the event
  • Phone the non-members who attended and ask what they thought of the event. If they had a great time, ask if they would like to join (provide some kind of limited time incentive). If they didn’t enjoy the event then, if appropriate, action the feedback and provide some kind of “make-good” to the dissatisfied non-member – such as inviting them to a future event as your guest.
  • Keep the details of all those who didn’t join on a list for the promotion of future events or member recruitment campaigns.

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